November 2020

Principal investigator

Georgios Katsaros

I completed my BSc in Physics at the University of Patras in Greece. After a one year research stay at NCSR Demokritos in Athens, I went to the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research to do my PhD thesis in the group of Klaus Kern. In 2006 I moved to the group of Silvano De Franceschi at CEA Grenoble for my postdoctoral studies. Since 2016, and after group leader positions at IFW Dresden and JKU Linz, I am the PI of the Nanoelectronics group at IST Austria.

Quantum engineer

Josip Kukučka

I completed both my BSc and MSc in Electrical engineering and Information Technology at FER in Zagreb. In 2015 I joined the group, back then at JKU Linz. Soon afterwards, I did a three months research visit to Qdev, in Copenhagen, where I learned about low temperature instrumentation and spin qubit experiments. Subsequently, the group moved to IST Austria, where I finished my PhD studies in June 2020, with my thesis entitled “Implementation of a hole spin qubit in Ge hut wires and dispersive spin sensing”.


Excellent postdocs wanted!

PhD Students

Marián Janík

I received my Bachelor degree in Electrical engineering (2015) and my Master of Engineering degree in Nuclear and physical engineering (2018) from Slovak University of Technology and my Master of Science degree in Solid state physics (2017) from Comenius University in Bratislava. In my theses I studied the structure of thin films using X-ray diffraction. I joined the group in June 2019 and I aim to couple two distant hole spins with a photon. 

Daniel Jirovec

I completed my Bachelor in Physics at the university of Pisa in 2014. From there I moved to Aachen for my Masters degree in Nanoelectronics. I wrote my Master thesis about scalable spin qubit setups under the supervision of H. Bluhm and L. Schreiber and defended it in 2016. In January 2017 I joined the Nanoelectronics lab as an intern. Since September 2017 I am enrolled in the PhD program at IST. My main research focus is on the implementation of spin qubits in two dimensional hole gases in Ge.

Jaime Saez-Mollejo

I completed my BSc in Physics and MSc in Condensed Matter Physics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and during my experimental master thesis I studied superconducting proximity effects in single quantum dots in InAs nanowires. I joined the Nanoelectronics group in June 2020 as a PhD student for working in coupling hole spin qubits in Ge .  

Oliver Sagi

I obtained my Bachelor and Master degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in Hungary, where I dealt with Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) and microwave impedance measurements. In September 2019, I joined the PhD program of IST Austria. In April 2020, I affiliated the Nanoelectronics group where my research focuses on hybrid Ge quantum circuits.

Marco Valentini

I completed both my Bachelor (2017)  and my master (2019) in Physics at the University of Milano. During my master program, I joined the Katsaros lab with the ISTernship summer program (2018) working on superconducting resonators.In January 2019, I started my master thesis in the Nanoelectronics lab where I performed magneto-transport experiments on hybrid full-shell nanowires. Since September 2019, I am enrolled in the PhD program at IST. My main research goal is the realization of Majorana zero modes in hybrid nanowires.


Luka Drmić

I finished my bachelors and masters in computer science and programming at the Department of Professional Studies at the University of Split, Croatia, in September 2018. I joined IST in March 2018 to develop and improve measurement and analysis software in both the Katsaros and Fink groups.


Yona Schell

I completed my bachelor in physics at the University of Strasbourg (2019) and I am currently studying for a nanophysics master at the University Grenoble Alpes and for a physical engineering for photonics and microelectronics degree at Phelma. I joined the Nanoelectronics group in February 2021 as an intern for my master thesis on quantum devices in Ge quantum wells.

Maksim Borovkov

I first joined the Nanoelectronics team in 2018 as a third-year undergraduate student from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). During my first internship, I was participating in the two-dimensional Ge hole gases project. I came back in 2020 to work on my bachelor thesis ‘Low-temperature Transport in Hybrid InAs nanowires’, where I investigated the properties of hybrid ferromagnetic insulator-semiconductor devices. I graduated from MIPT in summer 2020 and since then I keep working on hybrid nanowires, studying tunneling properties of superconducting islands.