Installation of the first fridge


The last week of April our dilution fridge CF-CS81-1400-MAG from Leiden Cryogenics arrived. We had some fun unloading it from the truck and transporting it into the lab building – many thanks to Thomas and his tractor for the help, Todor and the whole Miba mechanical shop and the Construction and Maintenance crew for fighting against a stubborn door. Luckily elevators are spacious enough for such a monster and soon after delivery the fridge was (still unpacked) waiting for the installation day.

This dry dilution refrigerator has a cooling power of 1.4 mW at 120mK, a probe diameter of 81mm, 48 DC lines, 8 RF lines and it is equipped with a vector magnet: 9Tesla in the z – direction and 3Tesla in the x – direction are possible.

On Monday the installation process started and it is still ongoing. Arlette de Waard from Leiden Cryogenics takes care that at everything goes smoothly.